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BOWL160 cl

NISSE // SANTA - Decorating thousands of Norwegian tables in Christmas, the Nisse pattern of the Nisse china collection was drawn in 1898 by 14-year-old Sigrid Rachlew, daughter of Johan Jeremiassen, founder and director of Porsgrunn Porselænsfabrik. The collection itself was launched in 1900 and is a treasured set of Christmas china in Norway. Every Christmas, the elves pop up in thousands of Norwegian homes and create new traditions, generation after generation.
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Materiale Høybrent feltspatporselen
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Vekt 0.840000
Vedlikehold Dishwasher: Crockery with overglaze decor, especially gold and platinum, is more prone to wear and therefore we recommend washing by hand. In general, we recommend gentle washing and use of gloss, then the glaze's gloss is maintained and you extend the service life. Ignition Oven: Articles with gold or platinum decor must not be used in a microwave oven. Oven: We do not recommend you put porcelain articles with gold or platinum in the oven.
EAN 7026580320591
Høyde (mm) 105
Bredde (mm) 176
Lengde (mm) 176
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