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A generous and large GOURMET PLATE , grill plate or as a great deck plate when you cover a delicious party table. Can also be used as a cake PLATE. ZELESTE was designed by the psaligraphy artist Karen Bit Vejle. The décor elements were first designed as paper art, before the beautiful, detailed pattern was transferred into porcelain. Originally launched in 2007, however, new parts are now being launched of ZELESTE, named such after Bit Vejle's daughter, Zeleste. The white on white décor gives freedom to use other colors for the table setting, napkins and ornaments etc. Fitting most themes, occasions and holidays. Bit's design takes one on a journey of patterns, requiring time to fully absorb its beautiful details. The psaligraphy is transferred on the porcelain by means of screen printing TEAchnique and then burned into the porcelain. Bit Vejle has also collaborated with Georg Jensen, Røros Tweed and made window exhibitions for Hermès.
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Materiale Høybrent feltspatporselen
SKU A43379GOU27603
Designer Karen Bit Vejle
Vekt 0.935000
Vedlikehold Dishwasher: Crockery with overglaze decor, especially gold and platinum, is more prone to wear and therefore we recommend washing by hand. In general, we recommend gentle washing and use of gloss, then the glaze's gloss is maintained and you extend the service life. Ignition Oven: Articles with gold or platinum decor must not be used in a microwave oven. Oven: We do not recommend you put porcelain articles with gold or platinum in the oven.
EAN 7026580484903
Høyde (mm) 30
Bredde (mm) 310
Lengde (mm) 310
Diameter 310
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