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Designed by Maud Gjeruldsen Bugge, Cecilie was launched in 2011. This elegant decor is inspired by lovely silhouettes from leaves and branches in the backlight. Cecilie is a lovely PLATE in the bone porcelain that comes with both gold and platinum decor. Cecilie fits very well with parts from Nathalie. Both the porcelain and the decor have the same colors and can be easily blended to give your personal expression. The bone porcelain is CREAM JUGy white and more translucent than the high burnt feldspar porcelain and 100% dense. The product series are produced at selected factories, which are known to maintain high standards of bone porcelain production. The bone porcelain is light and thin, and is best suited as a fine serving.
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Materiale Benporselen
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Vedlikehold Dishwasher: Crockery with overglaze decor, especially gold and platinum, is more prone to wear and therefore we recommend washing by hand. In general, we recommend gentle washing and use of gloss, then the glaze's gloss is maintained and you extend the service life. Microwave: Articles with gold or platinum decor must not be used in a microwave oven. Oven: We do not recommend you put porcelain articles with gold or platinum in the oven.
EAN 7071649006985
Høyde (mm) 70
Bredde (mm) 152
Lengde (mm) 155
Diameter 152
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