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CANDLE HOLDER w / decor Elk

All Light Lights in Nordic Light are designed by PP Designteam. High burnt field porcelain is the porcelain quality Porsgrunds Porselænsfabrik has produced since 1887, ie from the beginning. The high-burnt porcelain is considered the noblest quality of porcelain and is characterized by being translucent white with a clear glossy glaze. The high-burnt porcelain consists of pure natural materials, is 100% dense, very robust and is suitable for both party and everyday use. The white porcelain from Porsgrund has traditionally been called "the white gold". It TEAlls a lot about how high the status the material has had in Norway in the 1900s. Now they proudly carry the tradition with white gold of the best quality.
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Materiale Høybrent feltspatporselen
SKU A25302LYS26780
Vekt 0.190000
Vedlikehold Vaskes for hånd (Produktet er tynt og er en lyslykt)
EAN 7026580506322
Høyde (mm) 75
Bredde (mm) 85
Lengde (mm) 85
Diameter 85
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