About us

Porsgrunds Porselænsfabrik (Porsgrund’s porcelain factory) was founded in 1885 and had its first item in production in 1887.

The manufacturing of porcelain increased home standards significantly, making kitchen items, that had previously only been available to the wealthy, affordable for common people. This was truly the time of pioneers!

Since the beginning, a great responsibility has been placed on the shoulders of those in charge of product development at Porsgrund, resulting in excellent collaboration between artists and designers. Essentially and necessarily, the main areas of focus have been high professional competence and understanding of the materials in use.

This philosophy has made Porsgrund an institution within Norwegian industry, a well- known and beloved brand to most Norwegians. With a history that begun over 130 years ago, we have learned never to take anything for granted. Every single day, we work hard to develop and test our products, so that you can feel safe. Safe that every time you shop at Porsgrund, you will get a product of the outmost quality.

We are proud to manage and convey the Porsgrund brand, a signicant part of history and cultural heritage, both within Norwegian design and industry.

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