Nordic Nature

Nordic Nature

Centuries of living alongside the sea, forests and mountains have thought Norwegians that Nature is the best artist.

One of the more conspicuous birds in the Nordic fauna, is the beautiful bullfinch. The male with its bright red chest and cheeks, and the female with a soft greyish pink color, are strong, traditional symbols of Christmas and winter in Norway, probably because of their colors and the fact that they don’t migrate in winter.

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The bullfinches form strong, lasting pairs, and once they have found a mate, it is common to see the same two birds together all year round.

Hiking and camping, berry- or mushroom picking in mountains and forests, boat trips on lakes and fjords in the summer, and skiing in the winter season are activities that have been carried on for generations.

Some prefer to enjoy their meals outside, with nature as their scenery, others take nature with them inside, decorating their tables with rustic elements such as wooden branches, sea shells, pinecones, little rocks and berries.

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