Nordic spring

Nordic spring

After a long and harsh winter, the coming of spring is ever so welcome in the Nordics.

As the snow is melting, water is flowing in rivers and streams and snowdrops are blooming, Norwegians celebrate, joyful that spring is blessing them with her appearance yet again. Springtime tablesetting is lighter, brighter and more colorful. Add a centerpiece of the seasons' flowers and you've caught the real essence of spring.

Easter in Norway

The first holiday of spring is Easter, and while eggs, chickens, bunnies and narcissus are important Easter symbols in large parts of the world, Norway is no exception.

The 17th of May

Easter is followed by Norway’s Constitution Day, on the 17th of May. An important holiday across the country, people celebrate outdoors in their local communities during daytime, often followed by welcoming friends and family home for a special meal in the afternoon and evening. The colors of the flag reflect the “Syttende mai”- tablesettings, resulting in countless variations of tables set in red, white and blue.

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