Porsgrund's Porcelain Factory is Norway's only porcelain factory


Porsgrunds Porselænsfabrik (Porsgrund’s Porcelain factory) was established in 1885. From then on Porsgrund has been one of Norway’s leading companies within design. Renowned Norwegian industrial designers, such as Tias Eckhoff, Nora Gulbrandsen and Konrad Galaaen have been important contributors to creating the Porsgrund we know today.


The factory was established in 1885, by Johan Jeremiassen, a prominent citizen of Porsgrunn. He was the town’s vice mayor as well as a businessman within shipping and ice exports. Much thanks to him, the first porcelain burning was carried out in 1887. 


High professional expertise and great understanding of materials combined with creative and innovative solutions have made the factory a legend within Norwegian industry and a name that most people in Norway can relate to. With a rich history dating more than 130 years back in time, we know what it takes. That is why we work every day to develop and test our products, so that you can be confident that our products are always of the best quality.


Several of our series are still manufactured at our factory in Porsgrunn. Bogstad Strå (Bogstad Straw) is one of our most traditional tableware series, hand painted by Porsgrund’s best porcelain painters, in line with the old tradition and design. This tableware series has been produced since production began in 1887. Each hand-painted product from Porsgrund has the initials of the painter and may thus be traced back to the hand-painter.


The decor that embraces Bogstad Strå is referred to by many as the eternity pattern. This exact decoration is believed to be one of the oldest porcelain patterns in the world. We at Porsgrund are proud of our heritage and the history of our brand. By visiting our factory in Porsgrunn you may learn more about our history and meet our wonderful porcelain painters – and not least visit the Porcelain Museum. Read more about our factory in Porsgrunn here.

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