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MINISTRÅ // MINI STRAW is a more simplistic, modernized version of Bogstad strå. While carrying on the nostalgic tradition of Bogstad Strå, Ministrå represents a more modern life style. One of our most popular tableware for both home and cottage since launched in 2005. Designed by Trond Hansen and Ragnhild Wik. High-fired feldspar is the chosen porcelain quality of Porsgrund since 1887, or from the very beginning. High-fired porcelain is considered to be the best quality, characterized by a translucent white colour and a clear, glossy glaze. It consists of pure natural materials, is 100% dense, very robust and suitable both for everyday use as well as special occasions. White porcelain from Porsgrund was traditionally called "the white gold", this confirming the high status of porcelain in Norway during the 1900s. We therefore proudly continue to honor that tradition with our white gold of the highest quality.
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Materiale Høybrent feltspatporselen
SKU A42876BOL27482
Vekt 0.290000
Produktkategori Servise
Produkttype Skåler
Vedlikehold Mikrobølgeovn: Tåler mikrobølgeovn Oppvaskmaskin: Høybrent porselen (med og uten dekor) kan vaskes i oppvaskmaskin jevnlig. Ovn: Porselenet er ildfast, men sett aldri kaldt porselen i en varm ovn. Porselenet er følsomt for ekstreme temperaturendringer og kan da sprekke.
EAN 7026580434144
Høyde (mm) 50
Bredde (mm) 160
Lengde (mm) 160
Diameter 160
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