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We are proud to announce our newest porcelain tableware: BØLGE! Bølge means "wave" in Norwegian. The name is a tribute to how porcelain makers first came to Porsgrunn, Norway and brought with them the knowledge and skill set of how to make porcelain of the highest quality. 150 years has passed since then, but we are still making porcelain according to the traditional ways in our factory.


Our history with the sea is also reflected in the relief of the new tableware. The detail mimics the dynamic ways in which waves hit the shore. Bølge is available both in white and with handpainted decor.


The handpainted decor - in Norwegian called Stråmønster - is already a signature look for Porsgrund. In fact we have painted this since our first production in 1887 on the tableware collection Bogstad. For Bølge, the decor has been updated to match the clean lines of the goods. All of the handpainting is done by skilled handpainters in our factory in Norway. And because the painting is done before glazing and the final burning of the goods, the decor will withstand daily use as well as being both dishwasher and microwave safe.

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